• Quaffer Layered Shot Glass With Chaser

Layered Shot Glass

$ 14.95

Take a shot at throwing a great party with the Quaffer double bubble layered shot glass. This set of six shot glasses is constructed of thick weighted glass, and features a patented design that allows you to have a shot and chaser in one glass. Simply pour any chaser in first, allowing it to fill the bottom of the hourglass shape, then pour the liquor on top. The liquids will stay separated until consumed, giving you the most unique shot experience you will ever have. Although the Quaffer is called many names such as a Double Bubble shot glass, a Snorkel shot glass, a Jigger Chaser shot glass, an Over Under shot glass, or a Jagerbomb glass, the Quaffers design is by far the most user friendly around. Designed by Jimmy Quaffa, much thought and research was put into making sure that the Quaffer will provide the best shot experience. This set of shot glasses also comes with a recipe card so that you can get the most fun out of your shots, with recipes for whiskey, tequila, and vodka. Recipes include classics such as the Irish Car Bomb and Lemon Drop, to more daring recipes like the Shady Lady, Kamikazee, and the Freddy Fudpucker. The recipe card and shot glasses are the perfect combination for a fun party or celebration. Best of all, these shot glasses are made in the USA and are dishwasher safe for easy clean up.
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