• Cat Excercise Wheel Fast Feline Hampster Toy

Cat Exercise Wheel

$ 249.00

All cats posses a natural hunting instinct, but not all of them have the opportunity to embrace their genetic desires. While some felines stalk zebra on the serengeti, the one in your house is equally determined to catch a little red dot — and does so much less majesticly. With less and less cats modeling what they see on television, bypassing lasagna for a walk with the dog they no longer abuse, the 'Cat Exercise Wheel' is nothing short of a feline fitness revolution. If you truly care for your beloved pet then spend way too much money and pray that you can train them to use this thing. It's like buying a treadmill on New Years, we both know it's not going to get used, but this time you can blame your cat for being the lazy fuck.
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