• Crossword Puzzle Coffee Mug

Crossword Puzzle Coffee Mug

$ 13.95

"Impossible not to spill my coffee." ~ New York Times
"Who the fuck still does crosswords?!" ~ Gizmodo
"Finally, a mug shittier than the coffee at my office." ~ Pres. Obama

The perfect gift to show your boss that you give zero fucks about his birthday while still managing to keep your job. Now he can drink coffee out of a mug that reminds him of his inability to decrypt subtle hints. With the puzzle's ergonomic design, you'll always be able to tell when he's enjoying his mug as he excitedly shouts from his office things like "fuck that burns!" and "goddamit not again!" With new clues being shared each month you'll know that you've fucked with him for many mornings to come.

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