• All-Terrain Skateboard Electric Tank Tracks Rockboard Descender

All-Terrain Skateboard

$ 118.99

Once filled with endless creativity where a box could become a spaceship, a shadow could become a velociraptor, and a mirror could become a gateway to hell — our minds were capable of manufacturing anything so real that we would wet the bed. Some toys are great representations of the childhood behind the adult creating them. Whoever created the 'Rockboard Descender All-Terrain Skateboard' must have lived in the boonies and not had any access to pavement when they came up with this idea. What could be better than leaving the treacherous minefield of potholes and traffic for the serenity of logs and bears? With its unique tank tracks you'll be able to navigate shallow slopes in slow motion while you're friend boredly plays on his phone and hates his mom for making him hang out with you.
Tags: outdoor, sports
Type: tools and outdoor    
Vendor: amazon