• Adult Using Toy Track Car Into Pool Adulthood Eradicator Set

Adulthood Eradicator

$ 119.99

Adulthood was meant as a time in our lives when we're supposed to do the things we were told not to do as a children. Go run at the pool, yell in the house, talk to strangers, eat candy before bed, and cross the street without looking both ways. If people were supposed to follow those rules forever then why would we have emergency rooms, noise ordinances, missing persons departments, type two diabetes, and biodegradable coffins? Stop acting like a child and break some rules. How can you expect to be an adult without repressing the fun of another human's childhood while you drink your "grown up juice" and yell at park benches. Get your shit together and life your life the way God intended, by spending the later half of your life rebelling against how your parents governed you you as a child. Start by buying this plastic slide and using it in every way it wasn't meant to be.

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