• 3D Printing Pen 3Doodler 2.0 Kickstarter Project Craft

3D Printing Pen

$ 99.99

If you've ever said to yourself "that 3D printing shit looks so fucking amazing... I wish I could buy a shitting handheld version to doodle unrecognizable stick figures with the same technology that is capable of printing human organs" then keep reading because we've got the unnecessary gizmo for you. The '3Doodler 3D Printing Pen' enables you you to "draw in the air" and "build anything your mind can make your hands draw" (so expect a slew of genitals that are as realistic in size as they are anatomically correct). The second version of the Kickstarter project claims to fix all the things their backers were pissed about with the first version so you're guaranteed to be less pissed you wasted your money. For Christ's sake just suck it up, save your money, and buy a freaking MakerBot.