Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.


This isn't a place for shopping, it is a place for satire. One would certainly hope that nothing on this website is taken seriously, our attorney certainly does, but inevitably — some will. I mean, if you're going to allow yourself to be seduced by "devious manipulators of the internet"... it might as well be through gifs of stripper cats and public twerking.


Photos don't explain enough and videos take too long. Gifs are all of the emotion with none of the noise. Whether you give fucks or you don't, a gif lets you know right away.


We're sure Goldilocks would agree. A gif, more than any other format, is going to show you everything you need to know. No matter how ridiculous and absurd, the human mind still needs to understand what the fuck it's looking at and gifs are simply the most effective tool.


Gifs are so convincing that this 1.4MB file is the reason I became a DJ.*


*I'm not actually a DJ, but I wanted a turntable and a weiner dog when I saw this. I didn't purchase either but still... who's to say there's any difference between me and Avicii if I did?


The correct answer is of course my smashing good looks.


The Gif Shop started as a drunken idea and, true to it's origins, we’re going to keep drinking (and/or smoking weed) as we add more content. We quickly discovered, much to our dismay, there are actually people in this world crazy enough to love gifs and satire as much as we do. It’s in dedication to you people that we will continue to get drunk (and/or high) and convert the internet’s coolest shit into animated gifs.


Enjoy clicking shit and try not to get fired.


The Gif Shop Team
[email protected]